Mosquitoes in Katy Texas

After all the rains we have had lately has developed our first attack of the mosquitoes in Katy. I am not an advocate of misting machines. No doubt the insecticides used in those machines can kill a mosquito in the labratory but can a machine system be effective in someones back yard. There is no scientific evidence they do. I assure you, you can find many that can tell you they work but where’s the science?

Like so many other insect elimination is prevention. Mosquitoes have 7 stages of its life cycle and 6 of those require water. Take away stagnant water you have no mosquitoes. One area overlooked in water harborages are lawn drains. Many drains have a sump and that needs to be dealt with using a larvicide that can be in the form of a donut or shake on pieces. The active ingredience can be BT or Hydropren. Hydropren tends to stay on surface of the water where the active should be.

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