Mice in Katy Garage

Clean Garage Floor

When you drove up the drive and opened your garage door, did you see something streak across the floor? It probably was not your imagination but some rodent; most likely a mouse, Mus Muculus Linnaeus.

As the temperatures decrease, given our drought which makes food more difficult to find, rodents will readily enter our space in search of safe harborage and food.  Once they have availed themselves of hiding places near the house it is feasible that they will venture into the house through a simple open door.  The best prevention to discourage their taking up residence is not giving them a hiding place in the garage, on a porch or deck, as demonstrated by photo of properly prepared floor.  Step one is to clean out the garage, particularly things on the floor.  Place your stuff on shelving or peg boards so that all is off the floor by 18 inches.  When a rodent enters they run around the space using their whiskers as curb feelers, their eye sight is poor, an discover there is no place to set up camp and leave.  Also sweep up small trash on the garage floor because rodents are looking for nesting material along with food.

Glue Board

The best tool to use to kill a mouse that has entered your area is a glue board.  Snap traps are good but so often a mouse is traveling at great speeds and the trap will miss them.  Poison baits are now illegal except in an approved bait station.  And even if they feed on the bait you will have to deal with the unknown location of the odor from a dead rodent in the garage.  This idea that rodent poisons will cause rodents to go outside to die is ludicrous.  Most rodenticides found over the counter are anticoagulant and cause the  animal to die of asphyxiation in their new nesting place.

My recommended approach, particulary for mice is a glue board positioned along the wall as per pic above.  They can be purchased at any home  improvement store or Katy Chemical.  Place the tray of glue along the side of the garage wall and they will run into the board and get stuck.

Glue board inside shoe box

To avoid seeing the dying mouse in the glue and to avoid you or your pet from accidentally stepping into the sticky substance cover it with something with an entrance.  In the photo to the right I have demonstrated a common shoe box and cut holes about 2 inches by 2 inches at both ends of the box at the edge.  Because of a mouse’s extreme curiosity he wants to investigate anomalies and consequently enters the box’s opening only to get stuck.  The mouse will soon die but if you want ot be humane you can take the glue board and dunk it into a bucket of water and the mouse will die quickly.  Typically rodents run in pairs so replace the board.  I have caught up to 12 mice on one board.

JNJ Pest Control and Gounds Care can offer other options for larger vertebrate pest and offer other ideas to prevent reinfestations of rodents.


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