Invasive Weed in Katy Lawns

One of the big advantages of St. Augustine Grass in Katy is that a healthy stand of grass will shade out many noxious weeds.  “Houston, we have a problem.”

There is a new weed growing over our St. Augustine called Torpedo Grass that is a green/gray color and is differentiated by the dark green of St. Augustine turf.  I have identiffied it in a number of Katy subdivisions.  It can easily take over a yard in few months.  The problem is there is no selective herbicide to kill it in St. Augustine and not kill the turf.  There is a selective herbicide for Bermuda Grass and Zoysia Grass but this herbicide will kill St. Augustine.

This weed appears to prefer wet lawns since it is commonly seen along bayou banks.  this is another reason to be stubborn with irrigation on lawns in Katy.

The weed grows over the top and prostate to lawn.  Note the curled leaf patterns of the weed.  Upon a closer inspection of the specimen you will see tiny hairs on the stem between the leaves.  It has a seed pod but the seeds are typically not viable.  The weed grows from pieces of rhizomes or runners, shaped like little torpedoes, carried in on the soil or on the lawn mower used on another infested lawn.

For the many folks forced to re-sod their lawn after our drought in 2011, I would recommend re-sodding with Bermuda or Zoysia, in anticipation of future infestations of this weed.  For homes with the weed we recommend killing the weed and consequently the St. Augustine Grass and re-sod with Bermuda or Zoysia.  Personal preference is Zoysia.

Our company, JNJ Pest Control and Grounds Care, is licensed by the Texas Department of Agriculture to apply any of the herbicides mentioned above.

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